Annual Meeting & Dinner 2018

Middle Temple Hall - 10th May 2018

His Hon. Judge Michael Gledhill QC will take the Chair at the Annual Meeting and Dinner; the Guest Speaker is Alastair Bruce of Crionaich - Brigadier, Herald, historian, television commentator and adviser to Downton Abbey.

Please arrive by 6.30pm. The annual meeting will take place at 7.15pm.

306th Annual Dinner Held on Thursday 18th May 2017

The 306th Annual Dinner of the Cirencester Society in London was held on Thursday 18th May in the Court Room of the Worshipful Company of Farmers in the City, at 3 Cloth Street, London. The Presiding Steward, George Philips, (supported by fellow Stewards, HHJ Michael Gledhill QC and Roy Bowyer) was accompanied by 52 members and 33 guests. At the conclusion of the Dinner 6 new members were elected.

The Annual Meeting took place prior to the Dinner when it was agreed that a grant of £750 should be made to support the Celebration Service and Community Supper arranged by Abbey 900 to take place in the Parish Church on Sunday 24th September.

The Presiding Steward noted that the venue was particularly suitable by reason of the close association which had existed for many years between Farmers & Fletchers and the Royal Agricultural University. He then gave a toast to Mr Peter Gillman and Dr Richard Reece, who had both been members of the Society for 50 years.

Mr Philips then gave a toast to the guests and introduced the principal speaker, Mr Derek Brown, who had been associated with Guide Michelin for many years and was the first non-French holder of the position as Director of Michelin Red Guides. He spoke in a most interesting and highly amusing fashion about his time with Guide Michelin and some of his more unusual experiences when inspecting hotels and restaurants, particularly in France.

Mr Philips thanked Mr Brown for his entertaining speech and then proposed the traditional toast to the Maids, Wives and Widows of the Ancient Town of Cirencester, to which a suitable response was made by Cllr Mark Harris who noted that he had recently completed his term of office as Mayor of Cirencester.

The Society is known to have existed in 1692 with complete records from 1701 to the present day. Formed for two purposes – firstly to promote harmony, good fellowship and conviviality amongst Cirencester men living in London and, secondly, the apprenticing of young people to useful trades.

Whilst both purposes continue, the second is now achieved by making grants to suitable applicants to help with education/training. Applicants for grants should contact the Society’s Secretary, Richard Mullings, at 7 Dollar Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AS : email : rrm@sml-law.co.uk.