Cirencester Society in London is a Gentleman’s Society and membership numbers are limited. 

In addition, the following criteria will apply. 

Rule 2

The following persons shall be eligible for Membership

(a) All persons resident in London who were born in Cirencester.
(b) The sons (resident or working in London) of parents either of whom shall have been born in Cirencester.
(c) Sons and grandsons of Members of the Society.
(d) Persons who have been resident in Cirencester for ten years.
(e) The Member of Parliament for the time being for the Cirencester Division.
(f) The Vicar of Cirencester.
(g) The High Steward of Cirencester.
(h) The High Bailiff of Cirencester.
(i) The Principal of the Royal Agricultural College.
(j) The Headmaster of Cirencester School.
(k) The Headmaster of Kingshill School.
(l) The Priest-in-Charge of Watermoor Church.
(m) The Rector of Stratton.
(n) The Town Mayor of Cirencester.
(o) The Chairman of Cotswold District Council.
(p) Such other person who, by unanimous vote or ballot, have been elected as Members, provided that such person shall have dined with the Society as visitors on at least two occasions..