CSIL Frequently Asked Questions...

We hope this page answers any questions you have about CSIL. If you have a question that is unanswered here, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary.

Is CSIL a secret society?
- No, the minute book is available for inspection here.

Does CSIL have political or religious affiliations?
- No, there is a wide mix of people represented from all backgrounds. We do say grace and toast the Queen and some members are local clergy and councillors.

Can women join CSIL?
- Like several societies and clubs in Cirencester, CSIL is single sex membership: WI - Inspiring Women; Soroptimists - Women Inspiring Action, Changing Lives; Probus - A meeting place for retired or semi retired business/professional men; Cirencester Round Table - A group of local guys who meet for fun, fellowship and fundraising. So, by extension, no.

Who benefits from grants and bursaries?
- Local groups and young men and women have all benefited from grants and bursaries. More Information here

How can I learn more about potential membership?
- Please contact an existing Member, Steward or Hon Secretary who may be able to assist.

What happens to the Annual Membership Fee?
- This is used to defray the normal administrative costs of the Society and help to support the Annual black tie Dinner held in May. We do hold a Summer Drinks Party normally every 2nd or 3rd year.

Does the Society seek to principally attract professional people as members?
- No, we try to achieve the best blend of ages and business, commercial and professional backgrounds.